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The economies were based mostly on local production up until rise of globalization - the only thing which used to be imported were the luxury goods. Then, the specific niches started to specialise. It was promised that this development will bring prosperity to people, but that did not happen. Only a handful of regions and individuals were actually enriched. The others, on the other hand were forced to compete for who will achieve the lowest possible costs. Not prosperity, but misery instead is spreading all around the world. But there is a way how to tackle the problems brought by globalizations, and we can all participate on local level. There are actual examples of how critical economical situation can be solved purely with resources provided by the region.

Activities of CERES are based in Brno, Czech Republic.

A short story of LocalTown

Once upon a time, in a small village there were three citizens; Mr. Bready, Mr. Candle and Mrs. Tailor. Mr. Bready was the producer of food, Mr. Candle provided everyone with affordable energy for cooking and lights and Mrs. Tailor made clothing and shoes.

Since forever, each of them had two coins and each of them regularly spent one coin by his neighbour to get everything they needed.

But one day people from the LocalTown started to buy in sales from discount mail catalog. For one coin they got new shoes, colourful candles and even crispy bread. Each of the neighbours spent both of their coins in the catalog.

“Whatever”, they thought, “Tomorrow my neighbour will come, he’ll buy stuff and I will have my two coins again and I will buy something nice from the catalog.”

But no one had come.

When they ran out of food, clothes and they had nothing to light with, they had no other choice than leave their village and work in the factory where the cataloges were printed. There they could earn and spend their coins and meet people from neighbouring villages.

Together, then, they used to complain that they smaller wages, higher costs and worse living standards than they used to.

Our team

Tomáš Vokoun

Chairman of CERES

Anna Mikulenková

Chairwoman of CERES

Andrej Bóna

Vice-chairman of CERES

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